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  • Top 5 Reasons to Redesign Your Website

    January 7th, 2015 0 Comment

    1. You built an MVP or a prototype of your million dollar idea.  Basically this was to see if there was any potential or interest in your idea and if it could solve a problem or provide for a need out there. So, you've finally gotten validation of your idea.  Now you need credibility with your interested audience and potential customers.  Usually MVP's are slimmed down versions of a company's website or product where founders are trying to keep costs at a minimum.  They're built to see if people would be interested in their idea or product.  Now that you have found that they are, you need to redesign what you have, to actually make something viable with the needed functionality and look that people can use.

    2.  You're getting traffic, but your traffic isn't converting.  Customers may even be browsing and navigating around your site. However, for some reason, they are not getting to the finish line.  There is where a redesign paired with A/B testing works the best and should be done.  Basically A/B testing is when you have two versions of a webpage or product, or different versions of its components.  For example, lets say you have a signup button.  You switch between a green and red button as random users come to your site to see which one has more customer sign ups.  You find that the green button gets more signups so you end up going with that.  This is A/B testing and this is something you can tweak and do small redesigns to various parts of your site to see what works best for your conversions.

    3. The UI is too hard to navigate and get around. Customers aren't getting to where you want them to get.  Your site confuses them and they can't wait to leave.  Doing a UI/UX redesign could help bring better organization to your website's navigation and enhance the overall user experience.  A redesign of various aspects of the sites navigation such as it hierarchical components or organization of categories could make an enormous impact on the ease of getting around on your website for users and potential customers.

    4. You may want to do a website redesign to re-brand your company or product. Whether your company or business has had some negative connotations or stigma associated with it in the past or you just want to do a facelift and revamp to show your customers you are with the every changing times, doing a rebrand of your current brand will need to require a redesign.  Something as small as a logo redesign or a change in your websites color scheme can help to rebrand your website and business, which is something many big companies have done in the past.

    5.  Finally, a reason you may want to do a website redesign, which is also a big and very good reason, is because your website is just ugly and is an eye sore.  It just doesn't bring the professionalism you want to convey and looks very amateurish. You're ashamed of it so you're pretty sure your customers and visitors think the same and will be ready to click exit or go onto the next site which is probably your competitor once they come to it.  This is where a major redesign would help immensely and could include a redesign of any of the aspects we previously discussed -- navigation, logo, color scheme, and then some.

    A website redesign shouldn't be done just to be done and without good reason.  A redesign or too much of redesign can harm you in some ways.  We will touch on that in our next blog post.


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