Corporate Identity Design

What do you think of when you think of some of the top companies in the world -- Apple, Nike, and IBM, their logo and consistency of design? This is what is so great about corporate identity design -- simplicity, and how it is able to be engrained in everybody's mind for decades or even centuries to come. This helps to separate top companies from their competitors.

Who comes up these great designs that become part of everyday psyche and even our pop culture? Great professional designers who have had experience in different niches and business realms. Nike's corporate design identity was designed by Carolyn Davidson, a freelancer like many of the people on Innodojo. Apple was designed with the teamwork of Rob Janoff and Regis McKenna. Paul Rand was a graphic designer who made IBM's timeless logo.

Now with InnoDojo, you are able to tap into the talents of the crowd with a multitude of other freelancer and designers, instead of a single designer with just tunnel vision experience. Get a logo that will be part of your company's corporate design identity for years to come and have it able to withstand any changes in trends. Nowadays, with the web, a company's brand is not only about its logo, but also its website.

Our professional designers will use subtle clues and nuances such as color themes, user experience patterns, and other trademarks in your design and brand to embedded itself subconsciously in your audience's psyche. Work with our InnoDojo's marketplace designers now to build your corporate identity design.