Crowd Source Website & Graphic Design

Many people have heard of crowd sourcing but don't know what it is. Crowd sourcing has been around for awhile now, but the web has made it more efficient, feasible, and productive. Crowd source design is basically combing the efforts, talents and skills of a group of people or the crowd to help you get the best design possible. Crowd source can be done for any design including graphic design or website design.

With our platform, you can get the consultations of many crowd source designs and use it to make one great, final redesign. Also, instead of getting the crowd source design of just a regular group of people, which is sometimes the case with crowd sourcing, you only get the (something) of experts with years of experience, as we only have those in our marketplace.

Also, instead of having the option of only one redesign, InnoDojo uses crowdsourcing so you can get the best possible designs. Crowd source brings together some of the world's best designer. Crowd sourcing also taps into competition to help you save money.

They are design contents out there, but they let any type of designers out there work on your website. Also, they don't award their designers for any work unless they win. As a result, you get MANY mediocre designs you have to wade through. With Innodojo's platform, our consultants get paid for providing advice and consultation. As a result, you get to screen who you think will do the best final result, resulting in you getting the best quality work for the best price, as our designers set their price, not the design contenst/platform.